What goes on through their minds, as they dwell on the colors and pigments that mix wonderfully, like water and salt (due to their likeness in polarity, of course), or as they ponder the subject of their next masterpiece?

How do they even begin to try and translate the vast beauty of this world into a small, 6’ by 11’ canvas?

Water Lilies, by my buddy, Claude.

The vibrant greens and blues, violets and reds, flirt with each other, almost competing for dominance.

This effort, this match, goes unnoticed by the viewer, of course.

Instead the onlooker is attracted to the soft, pale white space, that taunts the eyes of any spectator within the vicinity.


In case you were wondering…

This is the color of sarcoline. Admittedly, I chose this color due to its rarity and the way the s’s and c’s and r’s and l’s combine to create a beautiful sound, but I grew to fall in love with this color. The soft, flesh-toned color comforts me in a way the brights of ROY G. BIV cannot.