Wrong Love

There are a lot of things wrong with this world but I refuse to believe that my love for you is one of them


showering while high

I can feel each drop,

Quenching the thirst of my skin

I can hear each drop,

Hitting the floor, like rain on pavement, or a roof, perhaps

I can smell each drop,

Similar to the dew on an early, autumn morning

I can taste each drop,

When I’m filling my mouth in a futile attempt to rinse the taste of shampoo from my tongue

But I can’t see each drop.

I wear glasses.

They don’t work in the shower.

people who will know of my death:

I know _______ will know when I am dead.

  • my mailman (he will notice the mail collecting as the days pass by)
  • my parents (they will notice the lack of my calls)
  • my sister (refer above)
  • my friends (they won’t hear my hearty laughter anymore)
  • my teachers (they will notice the absence of my questions)

I am impactful, no doubt.

But will anyone care?


I’m sure you have noticed.

Commas are a frequently used favorite of mine.

Commas marry two independent clauses together.

And just like that.

People, too.

Two separate beings, joined together, whether by love, friendship, or whatever else bond exists in this world.

Sometimes people forget this.

Sometimes I forget this.

Before we can be of any contribution to any relationship,

Let’s not forget that we are individuals, first.

t r u t h

Is truth subjective? Objective?

As a science major, I am obligated to stand for the objectivity of truth, that there is one, same truth for everyone.

That’s not necessarily true though,

Is it?

The human side of me, the compassionate, the understanding, the tolerant side of me knows that no matter how many times I say truth is objective,

it doesn’t matter.

That’s not the truth.

The truth is, well, up to you.

What do you believe is the truth?

hot drinks, cold weather

The perfect pair in the world, undoubtedly.

As your ears turn pink, and your fingers feel the first sign of frostbite, nipping at the tips, coffee (or tea) and a thick blanket can be the cure to any gloomy day.

The temperature is insufferable, intolerable, all the ‘ins’ in this world, and yet, when the first swallow goes down your throat, the warmth hugs your heart, lungs, organs, soul, and whatever else your body may carry.

For a minute, for a moment, the shivers running down your spine are still, frozen.

Ah yes, hot drinks.